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Founded in 1980 and always with the future on the horizon

About us

Founded in 1980 and initially located in Vale da Gunha, Famplac has now moved to Telheiro, Estrada da Marinha Grande, and has many years’ experience in plastic and aluminium injection moulds.

In 2010, on its 30th anniversary, the company underwent major restructuring to give it a fresh look but with the same stability as before, which was an advantage in terms of organisational culture and several other aspects.

We make our customers dreams come true

This is how we mould your future…

Specialised in the manufacture, management and optimisation of moulds for automobile, household appliance and packaging industries, Famplac’s major concern is to meet the needs of each customer by offering them high quality services and continuous personalised accompaniment.

Along with a strong sense of commitment and responsibility, focus on quality and the option to choose Portuguese materials are a guarantee of how the company is proud to differ.

Its currently renewed image and constant rigour reflect its investment in state-of-the-art technology and know-how of a specialised team that masters to perfection the art of creating and optimising moulds. This is the secret of Famplac’s success and the pillar for constantly strengthening and consolidating its presence on national and international markets, two spheres in which it operates and where it intends to remain known for many years to come.

FAMPLAC’s goals and philosophy

Our mission, vision and values.


Our purpose is to provide high quality solutions for designing and developing moulds for the automobile, household appliance and packaging industries in an attempt to fill the gaps in the market.


Our aim is to strengthen our presence and popularity on the market through the quality of our products, continuous customer care and excellent services we have been providing for decades.


At Famplac, we are aware that nothing is achieved without work and dedication and we believe in valuing this dedication through proper and responsible conduct, which is the basis for our actions, namely:

  • Continuous and personalised customer care
  • Compliance with deadlines
  • Quality and flexibility
  • Relationships of trust with clients, partners, suppliers and employees
  • Social responsibility


Mould Manufacturing Support Services

Specialized professionals and technology included in the offer.


The balanced combination between specialized professionals and state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide services related to the manufacture of plastic and aluminium injection moulds, mainly directed towards the automobile, household appliance and packaging industries.


Design and engineering are two key components for obtaining excellent moulds. This is why we design projects using sophisticated CAD, CAM and CAE systems, developing specific technical solutions for each mould and engineering concept associated with it.


Our modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology and capacity to produce up to 16 tons of moulds enable us to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our production processes. The continuous customer care we provide includes modification, updating or adaptation of the moulds we manufacture, which is an important part of our unique services.


Management of each project takes into consideration and respects clients’ wishes throughout the whole process. This allows us to satisfy their needs, comply with deadlines and guarantee personalized service.


From the moment the project is designed, tested and developed to its completion, quality is a constant concern at Famplac. To achieve this level of quality, we developed internal control systems that guarantee the final result.


Aiming to be a reference company in the international plastic injection molding market, Famplac is committed to:

  • Develop relationships of mutual trust with customers and other stakeholders, satisfying not only their needs, but also trying to exceed their expectations.
  • Develop the skills of its employees, and promote general well-being and team spirit.
  • Maintain partnership relationships with suppliers contributing to the fulfillment of the specifications of purchased products and services.
  • Implementing new technologies with a view to the development and optimization of processes, in order to generate an increase in the company’s productivity and overall performance.
  • Promote the improvement of safety, hygiene and health conditions at work, in order to reduce the risk of operations, with a view to preventing accidents, occupational diseases and improving the work environment.

In this sense, FAMPLAC is committed to complying with customer requirements, as well as the NP EN ISO 9001 Standard, applicable legal requirements, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

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The Team

At Famplac, we value our people. There would be no reason for us to invest in technology if we didn’t also invest in highly qualified employees focused on the quality of each mould.

We therefore have 30 employees, all unquestionably preponderant and many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. If we add the know-how of our senior employees to that of our younger ones, with a fresher outlook and who are just as dedicated and considerably knowledgeable of technology and design, the result is a perfect alliance between experience, rigour, passion and innovation. That is why we focus on training and continuous improvement of each member of our team here at Famplac, communicating clearly with all of them, so that they tackle each project with full interest and motivation.

Only with a dynamic, motivated and passionate team will Famplac be able to achieve its goals. This is what we believe in and this is what motivates us to carry on working!


  • FAMPLAC – Moldes, Lda
    Estrada da Marinha Grande – Telheiro
    2405-032 MACEIRA LRA , Portugal

  • 39.7205542, -8.9126421
    39° 43′ 13.9938″, -8° 54′ 45.5106″

  • Tel: +351 244 568 580
    Fax: +351 244 568 583
    E-mail: famplac@famplac.pt

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